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We are a specialized and experienced international company with knowledge on the Chilean market, able to create specialty risk programmes with our partners.
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In order to become and to remain your insurance partner we have to provide you with a financially strong insurer. Our partner Group Sura is the largest non life insurance company operating in South America and is financially strong with an international credit rating of A- ‘very strong’ with the outlook – ‘stable’ https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/am-best-affirms-credit-ratings-of-seguros-suramericana-sa-2018-08-02

Our most important goal is maximizing your sales and commissions combined with the protection of your brand name. In order to achieve this we provide your F&I sales staff with sales training on how to sell these insurances and how to use the software system we will supply to you. Our call centers are designed to be friendly and efficient and to understand that the swift resolution of a claim is essential to our relationship.

We are well known for running insurance programs smoothly which is why our rate of expansion has been so swift and so continuous. With Sura we have partner operating in a large territorial area in which to cooperate https://www.gruposura.com/.

Benefits of offering extended warranties & GAP


  • Additional income from commissions for the sale of insurance
  • Additional income from the sale of original spare parts and repair work
  • A profitable advantage over competitors
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention for showrooms and repair facilities
  • Strengthening of customer relationships

What every dealer needs to run successful and profitable insurance programs:

  • An experienced administration partner which can deliver a full front to back service to you covering every aspect of running profitable warranty and gap programmes easily.
  • An insurance company with a high international credit rating guaranteeing that all valid claims will be promptly paid.
  • Assistance with navigating the regulatory structure of each partner’s country to assist with getting them the proper license to sell insurance (where required)
  • Continuously available on-site product and sales training
  • A really user friendly, simple to operate I.T. platform tailored specifically to the dealer’s sales experience
  • Loyalty programs and sales contests
  • Solid support from the Regional Representatives, the administration staff, and the claims staff of Veritas WAGAS
  • Regular reporting and analysis tailored to the requirements of our Partners
  • Handling of complaints and appeals
  • Custom program creation


Our commitment to excellent service for our partners truly sets us apart in the global marketplace.

Join some of the leading names in the automotive business by partnering with Veritas WAGAS:


    • Audi
    • BMW and MINI
    • Honda
    • Lexus
    • Mazda
    • Mercedes
    • Seat

    • Skoda
    • Subaru
    • Toyota
    • Volvo
    • Volvo Trucks FS
    • VW


    • Arch Insurance Company
    • AmTrust Financial
    • Lloyd’s Insurance Company
    • Canopius (Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444)
    • Cardif (BNP Paribas Group)
    • Covea Affinity
      Domestic & General Insurance Plc
    • EFL (European Leasing Fund) Credit Agricole
    • Grupo Sura
    • Societe Generale Equipment Leasing Poland
    • TF Bank
    • VW Leasing


    • AC STAG
    • BRC
    • CEU
    • Czakram
    • DBK
    • Lease Plan
    • Mentor
    • PGA
    • PGD
    • PKU
    • Superpolisa
    • TB Truck