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Veritas WAGAS

Veritas WAGAS is a unique partnership between Veritas Global Protection and WAGAS. Veritas WAGAS’s mission is to be a leading provider of Extended Warranties and GAP Insurance for customers throughout Central and South America.

We operate in cooperation with insurers, manufacturers, importers, banks, agents, and dealerships forming modern insurance programs tailored to meet the needs of our partners.

Our flagship products include motor vehicle GAP and extended warranties for cars, light and heavy trucks, motor cycles, agricultural and earth moving vehicles.

At Veritas WAGAS, we give you the unique opportunity to have an additional source of profit for your organization and have a partner that is experienced in international markets, stable, well-backed, and one that has an excellent reputation.

Veritas WAGAS is proud to offer our coverage in over 20 countries, including Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico in addition to our presence in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia.


Excellent Reputation

Veritas WAGAS has over 30 years of combined experience in the Extended Warranty and GAP space in numerous countries. From the United States and Canada, to Europe and Russia, Veritas WAGAS is unique because we have a truly global presence and are familiar with navigating all the different complicated regulatory structures in each country we operate.

Stable Partnerships

All Veritas WAGAS administered extended warranty and GAP contracts are offered through Grupo SURA, which is one of the most well respected insurance companies in Central and South America. 

Having the backing of the world’s largest insurance market, partnered with Grupo SURA gives our partners the reassurance that they are doing business with the most reputable partners.


Innovative Technology

At Veritas WAGAS, we pride ourselves on having the most innovative technology in the industry. Our innovative e-rating system makes it easy to write products for our dealer and other partners. Our system allows you to rate and bind a policy in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, our innovative electronic claims filing system makes filing a claim and getting payment easy and hassle-free. With our innovative system, you can report all failures, upload documents, and estimates right from our system. Because of our advanced technology, routine claims generally take less than 2 hours to be approved!


Our Partners Essential to Us

We know and take seriously our job to make our partners more profitable. Globally, our shareholder companies work with over a thousand partner importers and dealer groups and manufacturers where we have long established close relationships in many cases for well over ten years. We work with each and every partner to create and customize plans, terms, and coverage to tailor to their needs.

At Veritas WAGAS, you are not just another “number”—you are truly our partner, and we do everything to work together to increase your profitability. Learn more on our Why Partner With Us page.


Experience that Counts

Many of our competitors say they have experience—but they truly don’t when it comes to entering international markets.

Veritas WAGAS doesn’t just have experience restricted to one or two countries, we have a diverse experience working with extended warranties and GAP spanning four continents and over 30 countries, which constitutes over 2 billion people!

Because of our extensive experience and knowledge, we know how to create customized, sustainable programs, and have the knowledge and infrastructure to navigate complex regulatory systems. Furthermore, our relationship with our insurance partners give us even more access and ability to create customized programs and serve our partners.